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New Fashion Princess

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  • New Fashion Princess

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    New Fashion Princess Description

    What are you talking about? This deer New Fashion Princess Dress Up Games It was pregnant. It’s me. Hi, brother. It’s so dark in here! Yukihiko, have you had lunch? I’m starving. Yukihiko. Yukihiko! What are they doing there, are they working at all? It looks like they quit. Dress Up Games Dress Up Games Do you remember that? What is that? The HLM in Sanno. Full of memories, isn’t it? True. Sometimes I reminisce. The secret of humans is the past. I expected to find something there, and I did. These HLM are full of foreigners. Fucking Dress Up Gamess! I want to kill them. Relax, brother! HLM Sanno No parking Calm down! Easy, Victoria! Sayuri, easy. Let’s jump. Come on! Mitsui Electronics is going to sack all the Dress Up Games employees. What are we going to do? Go back to Brazil. Those fired by Sankyo don’t send their kids to school anymore! God help us! Thank God we live here. How are you doing, Roberto? And you, Zinho? Denis, still out of work? It’s been three months! I come here everyday. The state pays me for it! It’s terrible. God help us! Just don’t give up hope. God is great. How do you like it? Victoria, do you want some more? And you, Juliana? Hmm? What is it? I put it in the usual place, but it’s not there. Where? Over there. Where? Next to mum’s bike. I found it.New Fashion Princess Which pool were you at? At Tatomi. Not at Showa? With who? With Zinho. Zinho? Look, I’ve been thinking a lot about it, we should to go back to Brazil. It’s a long way. Dad, where is Brazil? How many hours does it take? It’s far enough. I’ll explain it to you later. If we go back to Brazil, that means we can’t go to the Philippines. No. We’ll talk about it later. Brazil is far away. Vic, Ju Dress Up Games Would you like to live in Brazil? No. It takes hours to get there. We wouldn’t be able to come back to Japan easily. Ju,New Fashion Princess where would you like to live? In Brazil, in Japan or on the Philippines? In Japan. In Japan! And you, Vi? Where would you like to live, in Japan or in Brazil? New Fashion Princess Come on. Vi will go anywhere as long as there are pools there!

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