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New Fashion Princess Time

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  • New Fashion Princess Time

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    it will become clear and interesting when you keep reading. Life is also a strange road. You have to keep going even though it’s bumpy. Once you stop relying on others, then you will start to grow. I won’t forget the caring and love Games from the ones who brought me up. I wll remember all the laughs and all the tears The road is long and bright in front of me I am blessed to have you Games show me this road. Mi gu ba, someone good looking or a monster. Nu gu ba, we all should have fun. Ta gu ba. let’s rock together. Right now, just listen to me. No bottom line. Qia qia. Unlimited. Pa pa. If you can turn into a durian no one can hurt you. No bottom line. Qia qia. Unlimited. Pa pa. Relax and let yourself shine. Ka cha! It doesn’t matter whether you’re from Shangri-la. It is also fine if you have or not have boundaries. It is also fine if you have, or not have boundaries. You, you and you can all enjoy the rhythm. I hug you. you, you. you and you together. No bottom line. Qia qia. Unlimited Pa pa. If you can turn into a durian, no one can hurt you. No bottom line. Qia qia. Unlimited Pa pa. Relax and let yourself shine Ka cha! Mi gu ba, whether you are tough or aggressive. Ka ka gu ba. whether you are shy or passive. Ta gu ba. Don’t Worry about what others think. Come on, let’s dance, let’s dance, let’s dance! Dance, dance, dance, dance. Dance, dance, dance! We all dance! We all dance! Doubling with some girl I ain’t never even spoke to Games let alone seen! I don’t know why this Miriam girl Games says it’s gotta be a double date, anyway. Maybe she’s not sure about me yet. How can anybody not be sure about you, Bernie? Yeah. Thanks, Gus. Yeah, hey, don’t tell none of the guys Games down at the station about this. It’s not like you’ve never been on a date before. All set there? Uh Games Excuse me. Are you Miriam? No. I’m her friend. She’s, uh Games Hi. How you doin’? I’m Gus. Catherine. It’s nice to meet you. Okay. We’ll talk later. Bye. Hi. Wait. You are Bernie Webber, right? Uh, yeah. Yeah, I’m Bernie.

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