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New Fashion High Heel

New Fashion High Heel


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hard in their studies and to present the work of Sebastião everywhere. In magazines, newspapers and agencies. And so, after some relevant publications, both they found the courage to conceive her first major photographic project. “Other Americas”. It would take Sebastião throughout South America. The small Juliano got used the long absences of her father. OTHER AMERICAS After leaving Brazil in , I started to really miss Latin America. And I decided to make a trip to neighboring Brazil. Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia game Also it sounded to see mountains of Latin America. The Andes. At that time, Latin America, there was a profound social upheaval. Theology of Liberation. On that trip I met a young priest in Ecuador, Gabicho named. We fear the same age, a young photographer and a young priest. He was the one who carried the word of God, farmers organized into cooperatives, introducing solidarity. And when he had all these communities to reach, I could make impressive trips. Here we were more than , meters. Sometimes we climbed slopes of to meters per day. But I greatly enjoyed living in this landscape, in those communities. These are the Saraguros, a group of Indians in southern Ecuador. Very religious, but also heavy drinkers of alcohol. More than half of the community, on weekends, men and women They are completely drunk. The farmer left It called Lupe, Guadalupe. Lupe was my friend. At that time, I had very long hair, blonde and very long. And he had a big beard, redhead and blonde. One day we were walking through the mountains, He approached me and told me. “Look, Sebastião, I know that you have sent from heaven.” Because according to legend Saraguros the gods, to the image of Christ, They return to Earth to see them, to observe and see who deserved heaven. While touring the mountains, he took the opportunity to tell his life. He firmly believed that I was there to observe them. And up there counting their behavior. I had never seen before, an entire people another rhythm of time. The time I spent with Saraguros seemed

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