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Naruto Extreme Makeover

Naruto Extreme Makeover


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PLAYED : 2009

Naruto Extreme Makeover Description

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Naruto Extreme Makeover once and I lost bucks. So what? I lost . Spring Break, my junior year, it was my entire money for weed the whole semester. I almost dropped out of school. Okay, now. Hey! Hey! Y’all got negativity floating all in the air! I’ma take it, and I’ma put it in my pocket, and guess what? You’re not getting that back. Okay? Now we will keep the fun train going. Let’s keep tchootchooing, guys! You rolling with the pros. Just follow our lead. Thank you, Dom! Thank you. No! Guys, there comes a time in a man’s life when he has to take a stand. Can I go play slots? Take your ass to that slot machine. Don’t bring that negative energy here! Is there a bathroom that way? What are you doing? Mike? Guys, can I get a second with Mike? Guys, I’m just going to the Game Just y’all go ahead. Just go ahead. Take all the time you want. Dude, what is going on? I cannot do the job that you asked me to do if you don’t allow it. I got a great time for you, man. I got some shit set up. We gonna have a good Game Dom! I told you don’t pick no table! Ladies, shall we? Damn it! Hit me. You split those! You said never split the aces! I said always split the aces! You feeling all right? Don’t be getting in my head, Randy, all right? Hit it. Damn it! Hit me, baby, hit me! The greens are how much? Twentyfive. Oh, God! You gotta be kidding me! Ced, Ced, come on, man. I’ll give you some chips! No! This ain’t over, Randy. I’m here every night, son. This ain’t over. Yes, can I please have a martini, straight up? Come here, come here, come here. Cancel that. Candace. Alcohol is the leading cause of hangovers and bloating. I am glad I’m not the bride. Ladies, I’ve got another surprise. Tickets to see Dionne Warwick tonight, fifth row center! Score! Dionne Warwick? Yeah, you Game You told me you and your mother love Dionne Warwick, right? Right, but I Game Good, then. It’s settled. Thanks, Candace. Hanover bridal party is right over there. Uncle Eddie? Ladies. Uncle Eddie! What are you doing here? I had to come and toast my favorite little niece before her big day!

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