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Narnia Days Adventure

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  • Narnia Days  Adventure

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    Narnia Days Adventure Description

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    You’ve come back. Du Juan Games I can’t let you go. That’s not in the script. Are you OK?! Sir?! Be careful. Slow down. I told you, safety always comes first at work. It was so sudden. How should I have seen that light falling? Maestro, I’ve sent the crew away to clean up. I’m going to leave as well. Get some rest. Thank you. Si Fan. I forgot to introduce you. This is my girlfriend, Fei Li Si. She’s a doctor. Hello, Ms. Fei. Hello, Ms. Meng. I knew it. How can a talented man like you have no girlfriend? You two make a fantastic couple. Thank you, Ms. Meng. Thanks for looking out for him. He’s the one looking out for us. We’re fortunate to have him. I feel fortunate, too. Oh! The doctor prescribed some painkillers. I don’t need it. It’ll make me drowsy. You have to take it. Doctor’s orders. That’s a lot. I’ll take that. I’d better go. Get some rest. Are you mad that I didn’t see you for a few days? It’s been two weeks and two days. I’m OK, really. Ms. Meng is quite pretty. She’s a pro. We were just Games I get it. A film isn’t the real world. Why did you do that?! You promised me! You said that you wouldn’t hurt him! Why did you do that?! Ian! Where did you go? It’s time! Hurry! I’m coming. I told you not to run off on your own. You’ll get lost in a big city like this. Stay close to your big sister. I got it. Ian. Sis Games Sis Games Ian, help me! Sis! Help me! Help me, Ian! Sis! Please don’t make me to this! You’re in love with him. I’m not. It’s just that Games I don’t want to hurt anyone else. Look at this face. Don’t forget your duty. I haven’t. Follow me. I think you’re so used to being Meng Si Fan that you’ve forgotten your real name, Kong Ian. I haven’t. It’s been years. I’ve been in here for years. They haunt my dreams every night. Da Xi, Er Xi Games Tall Man Games Popeye Games and your sister. Aren’t you one of us?! We’re performers. Once we’re on the stage, we stay there. We’ve waited for too long! If our revenge fails Games Can you ever be at peace? I understand. Now that Gu Weibang is in the hospital Games

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