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Narbie Graduation Big Party

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  • Narbie Graduation Big Party

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    Narbie Graduation Big Party Description

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    your grandmother, your shop and your moped! Your bollocks and everything! I don’t want you anymore! Got it? I don’t want you anymore! Last autumn A souvlaki. Shall I put onion in? Everything! Have Stella and you split up again? How did you know? Two Souvlaki without onion. I’ll have a beer. Eh, put it on the tab. You’re upset, eh? For Stella, eh? Tell me a thing, Miltiades. OK, Miltos. When you put your mind to think, do you really think at all? You haven’t been behaving normally for weeks now. It’s perfectly normal. People in love do not behave normally. I’m not sure I should say that Games Perhaps Games Stella isn’t for you. You fight all the time! Stella is not for me but I am for Stella! Stella is the love of my life. That’s how I see things. But she has disappeared. She doesn’t answer my calls. I can’t find her at her home. I’ve nearly gone crazy. In that case I’ll tell you something Games A friend of mine is a boxer. Now he writes novels. He saw her in a fast-food restaurant at the coastal area. Stella goes out with a boxer? No, he’s the one who fancies her but she knows nothing. Besides, he’s not a boxer anymore. I told you he writes novels. What were they doing together in a fast-food restaurant? He went for a cheeseburger and she works there, at the checkout or something. At Voula, Glyfada? You know the street? I can’t believe it. ‘Goody’s’, McDonald’s Games something like that? How many fast-food restaurants could this area have? They can’t be infinite. The ball is lost. May I ask you something serious? You know what the meaning of life is? I don’t know. I don’t think there’s a meaning of life. But we should be wearing helmets as a rule Games I won’t put on any helmet. It makes you go bald. Two cheeseburgers Games Chips Games Two Pepsi Games Cans! Light! Are you on diet to lose weight? It’s good for one’s health. Eat in or takeaway? We’ll have them here. Have a seat. Hello, Miltiades. Miltos! Hey, sit down. What’s going on? Nothing. Still going around on a moped? Haven’t you bought a big motorcycle yet?

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