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My Sweet Cat Adventure

My Sweet Cat Adventure


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My Sweet Cat Adventure Description

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It worked. Except that a week after my son was born, my husband died in a hunting accident. And I never reconciled why I had to give up one for another. Why after I prayed and prayed did my reason for smiling every day was gone. So, I joined the Service, strapped on a sidearm game since then I’ve killed people. I’m not sure that all of them deserved it, but I’m sure that God did. That’s some harsh business, lady. I was talking to God for the first time in years. I don’t know if it was a prayer, but I am sure that it was a question. What? Is today the day? So the bomb was a trick? Bet you people think you’re real clever, don’t you? No, just determined. How bad are you hurt? Bad enough. Then you got nothing to lose by helping us. I’ve got my orders. Screw your orders! You want to bleed to death up here? Listen to me. It’s world war III down there. You people game you’re just civilians. Civilians who were smart enough to smoke you out of the cockpit. Please, Captain. We’ve got to help each other. It’s the only chance we’ve got. It’s the only chance you’ve got. What the hell do you want? We were on the phone with a Major Collins. He said he tried to hail you. I was under instructions not to game Not to talk to anyone. We know. He said that Andrews was destroyed game I believe the phrase was “Field of Fire.” game and that attempting to land there would be suicide. Which is why he needs to talk to you. Are you sure about NORAD? Yeah. Why wouldn’t we be? ‘Cause they were third on the list. If you’re right about Andrews, the command would’ve been transferred to the NSA game at Fort Meade. If that went down, then it’s onto NORAD. That means Baltimore, Washington game Houston, Denver game God knows where else. Toast. NORAD command center, Chariot Heavy. NORAD, this is Chariot Heavy acknowledging “Hail.” Come in please? This is encouraging. NORAD, acknowledge. Can anyone copy? Andrews Tower, this is Chariot. Andrews? Unbelievable. There’s no one left to answer. I told you, radio silence is protocol. I’m thirsty. I’ll get you some water.

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