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My Style


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Google My Style I What about Osman bro? Walking around with that hair. He’s a weird one. He seems a little soft if you ask me. Ohh what’s going on here and stuff. “You had that stolen.” What’s that about? He has a large wad of money in his pocket. It warms up his whole body. Creeps up. Muscles can’t hold it. The body let’s go. And he moves back and forth. They’re having the famous Doktortake off tires! If you let me, I’d bring the whole engine down. Doktor, we took off all the tires. What are you trying to do? This is nothing. I should hand them theirsteering wheel. Doktor, we did it, took them off. We finished our job. What’s with all the stress and anger? It’s ok they made Sadri weara bikini. But why did they have to go and paint his lips? They paid his lips. Come Doktor, come. Easy. Easy. What do we have here? Look what I brought. Come on. Up, up. Ooh, shake it. Come, come. Are you a pervert? Get out of here. Out! Yelloz. Forgod’s sake. Get out. That’s it. Yeah. Come, come, come. A little bit warmer. Drink. Drink. Drink. Come on. Come on. And that’s it. You’re now belly dancers of the virtual world. Ooh. I’m relieved. Grab yourpurse. I’m drunk man. Kurdela, where are you? Haha, Kurdela. I am gonna take care of you, don’ you worry. Let’s go. The whole world should watch Youtube, shouldn’ they gentlemen? Let’s pourthis. You’ll see, dirt bag. I will show you heaven and hell Once you’re temporarily paralyzed. Oh my god this is interesting. Can’t figure out if he looks like a squirrel or Game Game a raccoon but he’s so young. Why did he die? Well there’s nothing to do. First we must discover cause of death. What the hell is going on? What’s happening? Yes, Doktor. Wonderwhy he died? How will we determine cause? We must start an operation forthat. Start with an incision from the throat down below the pelvic area Game Game completely open. Don’t be daft. I haven’t died. Have you all gone mad? I’m not dead. I can’ move. Well then, let’s start the operation, Glove. Did I really die? The saw. Are we ready? In that case, let’s begin.

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