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My mother’s Clothing Time

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  • My mother’s Clothing Time

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    Thanks, man. He wanted to know if you could do security tonight at his club. For Tony Yayo, the guy from G-Unit. Bodyguard work or just game Yeah. It’s bodyguard work. It’s one night. What do you think? I’ll do it. How many guys? You’d need, like, three or four guys. I got some people. See that Henny? I need a drink. See the liquor all out? Nah, I wanna pour my own drink. It’s my brother. He shoulda came too. We played all right. Let me speak to him. Hold it up. Hold it, hold it. Wish he was right here, right now. Say, “Man, you missed the show.” Been locked up for years. Don’t worry. He be good. Nah, years is a long time. But he learning, though. , yo. Don’t smoke. Where I know you from? From the hood. What’s good? , yo. What up? What’s up? What’s good? What’s goin’ on, nigga? How ’bout you? Everything good, man. Cool. Take a seat. Sit down, man. Good show, man. Good . I’ll sit down for a little bit. Have, you know, while we working. What’s up with you, man? Working, man. Trying to stay out the hood, stay out the bull. I got something. Yo, White. I got my nigga from Edgemere right here. That’s the homeys way. What’s shaking, dog? What’s shaking, homey? You know him? Big homey supreme. Westside Piru. GBK LA bangers. You dig? Why wouldn’t it be? I got the homeys with me too, man. You ain’t gotta tell me that. I know how you move. What’s good, though? I’m staying out of trouble. How ’bout you? Same . Just doing this legal hustle, man. Bodyguarding niggas like you. So you staying out the street? You ain’t on the streets. I’ve seen you throwing it up over there, homey. I mean game That’s Blood to the heart, man. That don’t change, but game Kids. You got kids, Primo? Yeah, plans two of two. You gotta live for them kids, man. After a while, a nigga get a little older. Gotta switch up his hustle, man. Get kids, you gotta grow up. You gotta leave certain things alone. Yeah, man. I had to retire my ratchet. You gotta know when to switch it up. Know what I’m saying? Like, the hood got love for you, and I love the hood,

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