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My mother’s clothing

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    can you say what they’re saying? It says Game What language is this? Games Aramaic. Jesus spoke to the demons in the desert in Aramaic And? So, the jinn that hated Jesus the most spoke this language. What does it say here? Seven. Seven. One. Seven. Five. . Isn’t this the same numberwe saw on that weird wishing tree? Yes, yes. Are you talking about the tree at the back of the village? Games Yes, what is it? One night wasn’t in her room and we looked everywhere. She walked all the way out there in hersleep. Faruk hodja? Can I look at yourhouse from the outside? Games Sure. What is it? Wait for me. There is something Game something in this house. . . . Is it really you? Darling you look so beautiful. My dear . I am here as yourfriend and a doctor. So do i call you Doctor ? You just call me . Do you know that she wanted to be a doctor when she was a kid? And you wanted to be a cop. Games A cop? Even Game We have a picture wearing uniforms do you remember? Of course I do. Can you fınd it? Games Of course. , I want to get right to the point. Afterthe celebrations in the morning you told yourmother you were going to die I don’t remember. How about what happened that night? I rememberhearing a voice. What kind of voice? Games Awoman’s voice. Are you sure? Games I’m sure. It kept saying the same thing. Games What? Kill him, kill him. The man you were about to marry? Games His name was Erdal. Did you and Erdal everfight? Games Sometimes. Did he ever hit you? No, we loved each other. Games Okay dear. That night you went to the tree Game The night I walked in my sleep? , did you hearany voices that night? I didn’t but Game When I think about that night I see a coffiin. What kind of a coffiın? Cold. I’m inside and I can’t breathe. It’s like a hand is choking me. My nails pierce my skin. I want to yell but I can’t. I call for help Game No one helps me. Then I die. And Game And? And I’m reborn as a baby. Games A baby with an eye on yourforehead? Yes.

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