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My hair care

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    .tis dress up games, dress up games, dress up games hands the courage which is Dutch.  Bad news, dress up games. We’ve had a direct hit. Bloody Boche. Excuse my French, dress up games. My hair care French excused, dress up game. Is there nothing that can be done? I think it’s finished, dress up games. It’s the end of The Wipers Times. It was good while it lasted, dress up game. I’ve tried, throughout this war, to maintain my sense of humour. But now I’m really unamused. What are you men so happy about? Captain Roberts. He’s on grand form tonight, dress up games. My hair care What do you mean? Well, the orders that he gave the men were not strictly according to the drill manual. Really? Yes, dress up games. He said, “Fall in, My hair care you blank, blank, blank, blank. “We’re going up the blanking line and if we see any blanking Boche, “we’re going to shove their blanking bombs up their blanking shirts.” Did he actually say shirts, Dodd? No, dress up games. You’ll have to excuse Captain Roberts. I’m afraid he’s taken the loss of the printer somewhat badly. dress up games.

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