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My hair care Adventure

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  • My hair care Adventure

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    You’re sure he had no fami y? They shou d be informed. He had on y me. I’ avenge him. I don’t understand you. In that case, et’s stop DICK-ing around with this ri-DICK-u ous nonsense. I understood very quick y. This affair had to remain murky for everyone, and my ife was on the ine. But maybe, too, I ‘d come across something that I cou d then se to the opposition press. To recover Richard’s things, I went back ate that afternoon to the address I’d been given. It was once again the kind of day for taking out a camera and making a co or movie. An anonymous voice had given me the address of a garage. I thought I ‘d recogniz the northern accent of a typist he’d run off with. Where am I? I’m crossing countries drench in b ood. War is war Radio whether you ca it that or not. War. And ife has it ever been anything but war? To ki ess than in a war is that the aw in ife? Where am I? Why was I to d he was in the mi itary hospita ? Who gave you the address of this garage? Someone from around here. And I remember his fondness for cars. And I saw his A fa. That idiot Dona d! I to d him to torch it. Was it after the e ections? Maybe. You ki him. What makes you think that? The corpse at that doctor’s office, Dr. Korvo? I don’t know anything about it. You can foo the movie audience, but not me. Why do you want to avenge P Radio ? This may surprise you, but out of idea ism. Ah, right. I remember an editoria Radio where he wrote that fascism was the do ar of ethics. What did they do to him? It’s the other way around: It was Dr. Korvo who inform udwig that you’d come by. How’d you get to At antic-Cité so fast? Who s ugg me? I do the questioning here. Then do the answering too. He’d kept evidence about the mayor’s death. It had to vanish. Something new, crimina y speaking. It was worse here than Marsei e or Chicago. You know, I’m in charge of p anning for a of Region. If you ki me, you won’t earn a thing. Your theory doesn’t ho d water. The main thing is to find out if you know where it is. I te her I know exact y what she’s ooking for.

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