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My clothing Style

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    You got in the back of my car, didn’t ya? Thinking you’re holding all the cards. You must be all Jimmy “in” Vickers. How long have we been driving for? Ten Game twenty minutes? You didn’t know, did ya? Didn’t even know what was in the boot of the car. ing pricey, wasn’t she’s, brath? Popped a good in’ plan. Armed policemen, put it down! Move it, move it now! On the floor now! Move it! Drop it now! Drop it! Wait, wait! I’m gonna give you the count of three, Jimmy. One Game Two Game You had ‘im Game Who the do you think you are? You piece of ing shit. Don’t in’ touch me. You had ‘im in the hospital and you let ‘im go. Even though you know what he did, you let him go and he killed his wife. Tell him Game tell him you’re the reason his wife is dead. Tell him!! Alright!! I let him go. I let him go because I knew he’d lead us to this in’ psychopath. I mean, I didn’t know he was gonna go and do that. But you know what? Shit in’ happens. Stand down. What the are you doing? Alpha One to control. The suspect has fled the scene on foot. I say again. The suspect’s fled the scene on foot. Roger. We’re down. Are you ing insane. Are you just gonna let him walk? Are none of you gonna arrest him? Alright, Jesus Christ. If you want something done, do it your in’ self. Oh, no, no, no, no! Shut the up! Oye! What the you want, asshole? You gonna do somethin’ ’bout this? You’ve got three seconds, motherer. Turn around and walk the back the way you came from. One Game Two Game Three!

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