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My clothing Style Adventure

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  • My clothing Style Adventure

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    My clothing Style Adventure Description

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    And soil will be… I know. I know. -Oh. So Willy… Henrik has talked about me? No. I saw pictures. Online. Pictures? We laughed at them together. At you. What? Always more pictures. I laughed and laughed… You laughed at me together. -Yeah. That’s funny. Did Henrik ever happen to mention my wife, Jaana? No. Why? Well, I’m going to tell you something that a laughing widow like yourself can surely appreciate. Or as you say in Spain, you can laugh and laugh and laugh… Henrik won’t be laughing because he’s… -Nippe! Sorry. Tuomas is back. I mean, he’s gone nuts. He’s going to pursue that Carola woman. It won’t stop. Tuomas. Nippe is ready for your bachelor party, too. I have more important things to think about. -Like what? Call me if you need anything… Hello. Never mind. She’s gone. That pheasant looks like Jaana. The same sad eyes. And the legs. Do you realise that was my last chance? Guys, guys! This is a bachelor party. We’re going to have fun! Sure we are. We are. There’s a reason why I brought you here. This was meant to be a surprise, but never mind. What are you babbling about? What more did your party need? Besides the corpse, you mean? You didn’t hire strippers, did you? From where? From the motorcycle club, I hope. We’ll see those guys again. That would’ve been stupid. From Google. Where? Strippers from Google? They’re a little late. They? -Sarintha and Fevercat. They cost more than I thought. Luckily the card works. My card! Hey, my car was blown up. You won’t be disappointed. They’re nice-looking in the photos. Dear Antti… I don’t want to be a party-pooper, but you’ve been properly scammed. There they come. Welcome. Come on in. May I present: Sarintha and… …Birgitte. Yes. These ladies were looking for you. Damn. I’ll sort this out. Birgitte! What happened, happened, but we have strippers. Okay, girls. The stage is yours. I don’t understand. I mean… We performed already. It was terrible. One girl had slathered oil all over her body! And the boobs… They were huge. I’ve never seen such big and firm…

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