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My Best Style

My Best Style


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Did you see what just happened? Kind of, my monitor was in and out. The shark’s energy is unstable. Without the seawater to cool it down, it’ll overheat Games like a nuclear reactor. The military is gonna shoot to kill Games and the second any substantial firepower touches that thing.. The coast is toast. Normally I’d say that sounds crazy Games but sanity took a leave of absence today. What if we lure it out to sea? I mean way out. We have a boat. Troy spent a fortune putting her together. There’s nothing faster. Then what? Then we blow it up? Oh, cool, that sounds dangerous. What if we had a second boat? Like a bait boat. Bait boat? Yeah, something we can rig with dynamite Games or gas cans or something. So we blow the boat, blow the shark, save the west coast? I have an idea. Go get another drone from Fletcher Games and find some chum, a lot of it! What! Where are you going? Just keep your phone on you. Where am I gonna find chum? DRAMATIC MUSIC PLAYING Come on! I know you’re in there! [ROTTGER] It’s open! [ROTTGER] Have a seat. I can’t stay. Suit yourself. Neither can you. I need your help to kill that thing. The Navy squids and half the world are out there Games chasing that thing, you don’t need my help Games it’ll be dead by morning. Then so will we. I tried to tell you! The shark is infected. Infected? Radiation in its DNA Games that basically turns it into a biological atomic bomb. If it goes off near land Games the whole Southern California coast will be uninhabitable Games for the next, years. Well, I’m sorry to hear that Games but you’ll have to find yourself another captain. Dad.. Divorce is always hard on kids. It’s hard on everyone. You left! I wanted to believe you, but you left. So I just.. I believed the person that was there for me. You are all that I have left. Why won’t you just help me? Gina? What? When do you want to leave? Does right now work? You got a plan? Well, I mean, I still need help with the details Games but it kind of involves blowing up your boat. Perfect.

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