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My Best Friends Birthday

My Best Friends Birthday


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My Best Friends Birthday Description

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My Best Friends Birthday But the roman church could not long tolerate This free preaching of the gospel by peasants. During the third Lateran council in , Waldo’s ideas were officially condemned as heresy And soon after, He and his followers were excommunicated. Driven away from Lyons, the Waldensians settled In the high valleys of Piedmont and the French alps. Here, among their families, the bible was made the chief study. The gospels of Matthew and John were committed to memory, Along with many of the epistles. With no printing press, The Waldensians were frequently employed In handCopying the scriptures. Known for their strict adherence to the bible, These lay preachers spread their teachings abroad While traveling as peddlers. To avoid arrest, They’d sometimes sew handCopied passages of the bible Into the lining of their garments And then they’d carefully share them When they detected an open heart. Even following the death of peter Waldo in , The roman church Continued to fiercely persecute the Waldensians. For centuries, many were tried and sentenced to death In various European countries. The holy spirit stirred upon many within the church Who courageously stood up and called for reform. One such man was John Wycliff, An English theologian and lay preacher, Translator, and teacher at oxford. His education proved to be a great asset to him As he began to address the cancerous errors That were spreading among god’s people. Wycliff never wanted to set himself up Against the church’s leaders, But as he saw the glaring contradictions Between what the bible said and what the church was doing, He could not keep silent. Well, Wycliff is really a rather unusual person To have become a heretic because he was an oxford don, He was very much Brought up within the power structure of the church And, yet, he was distressed by what he saw around him. As he saw Rome Substituting tradition for the holy scripture, He accused the priesthood Of withholding the bread of life From the spiritually starving people. He believed that the bible was

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