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Must Escape Dragon Cave 2

Must Escape Dragon Cave 2


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Must Escape Dragon Cave 2 Description

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Must Escape Dragon Cave 2 throw yourselves in, head first. Hey Keene! Maybe Filthy saw something. You made a mistake and paid for it. But you’re still one of us game if you like. Thanks, Keene. It’s a pity I can’t give you my hand game as a sign of our friendship. Someone stole the gold we wanted to share amongst us. Do you know something about that? Did you see or hear anything? I felt a great pain in this area. And all the blood I’m losing game It’s all over for me, Keene. Everything. You have to chew it patiently. Goes down better then. Stop thinking about it. It’s all over now. Tomorrow, we’ll try to reach the plain. Good night. I won, Arizona, and this time, the aces are real. This time around, the cheating was done by a little, pathetic woman. We’ll punish Paloma later. Now you tell us, where you hid our gold! This is the first time I pity your father. You’ve helped him before, didn’t you? If Paloma hadn’t set the ranch on fire, we couldn’t have done it. And now stop blathering, Arizona. Where’s the gold? Spit it out! Killing people game bribing girls game riding your asses sore for miles game and ordering a ticket for the gallows just for a couple pounds of gold game was foolish enough already. But having done all that for nothing at all is the work of a criminal game of an idiot and of a bastard. All of that applies to you. Stop it! Don’t kill him! I want him alive. Tie him up and bring him to the camp. Where is the gold? Do you prefer to talk or to burn in the sun? I’ll think about it. Then I’ll help you with it. Where is the gold? Answer me, bastard! Why such a fuss about that little gold? He’ll get roasted without saying a word. He must talk. He must talk! You got to find someone he’s attached to. Someone you’ll tear to pieces right in front of him. Then he’ll talk. I know that type. Whiskey! Whiskey! Doctor, isn’t there any hope? He made it to this point. Yes, but don’t ask me how. According to medical knowledge, he should be dead already. The four who escort me to the cemetery shall be drunk like Scotsmen. I want whiskey bottles as candles.

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