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    Please, come in. They call me Christian Grey. Sniffing How do you like my blue room? It’s red. Oh. I’m colorblind. My decorator assured me that Dress Up Games Never mind. Champagne? Mm. Clacking Have a seat. I’ll stand. Hey, Christian, man, golly, man! I’d like to thank you a lot, man, for working on my prostrate like it was a speed bag. Yes, Michael, I must admit, I was surprised at your performance, as well. Not bad for a washedup, overweight, facially tattooed Dress Up Games grunts Do it again. Laughs Oh! I have no idea what that one was. Me neither. Mama, are you here? Woman Dom, is that you? Oh, shit. You said you’d had a dream that we’d grow old together. Right. And we will. What are you doing here? Hi. How could you bring her here? What about our children? They’re not real. Yes, they are. Watch. James, Phillippa! Ew. You’re not gonna jump, are you? I hadn’t thought about that. Thank you. Screaming Crashing OK, we’re not getting anywhere. What does any of this have to do with Dress Up Games ? Dress Up Games ? I thought you were Dress Up Games Oh. Dress Up Games Gort Klaatu Barada Nikto. Dress Up Games Gasps Dress Up Games screams, distorted What’s happening to me?! Gasps, panting That must have been her. Dress Up Games She wants to take us home to the cliff. What does that mean? I don’t know. But I trust you’ll give me a favorable Yelp review? Barking Narrator Dress Up Games ‘s mission was clear. The evil book that created Mama was located in the cellar of a cabin, in the woods. If she could find that cabin, maybe she could find some answers. If we can find that cabin, maybe we can find some answers. OK, calm down. I’m gonna come over. Electricity surging Kendra? What? Panting OK, wait, what’s going on now? I think she’s out there! OK, OK, just Dress Up Games you stay calm! Female voice Front door open. She’s in the house! Front door open. OK, stay Dress Up Games Front door open. Shut the hell up! Female voice

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