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    You’re killing me. Hey. Becky. Yeah, I know. I remember. Oh, my God. It’s been years. How are you? Do you still have that great apartment downtown? Yep. Still in the same place. This is Phoebe. Hello. Game Have you seen his place? Game Yes, I have, and it is great. Great. Good. Good seeing you, Becky. “Hint, hint, Becky, leave now. ” It’s nice to see you, too, Adam. Here we are. Make yourself at home. I’m gonna go change. Hey, baby. You want a dance? Yeah. Hey, let’s ease Game Just kiss me, okay? You know the rules. No touching. Hey. What’s wrong? Listen, I Game This is taking me to places where I’ve been in the past, where I just don’t wanna go right now. I’m sorry. It’s all right. I know you Game I mean, you gotta be careful, I get that. But, I mean, aren’t we allowed to be a little playful? Absolutely. Adam, I am a very ual person, and I’m gonna need to be able to express that side of myself with you. And I want you to, believe me. I just would like to take it a little bit more slowly. Did Becky go slow? Oh, shit! Game Yeah, it’s looking good. Game Yeah. Yeah, there it goes. Finish it up. Hey, so you really want me there? I mean, I can find somewhere else Game No, I want you to meet Adam. He’s a good guy. He’s got a good head. He’s smart. Smart? Like, I’m gonna need a thesaurus to Game No, I’m just saying that he’s been through some hard times, Game and now he’s doing great. Game Hard times. And he’s bringing his new lady friend over. You’ll like him. Yeah, yeah, yeah. No, I get it. Positive role model. Jesus, Danny, it’s just dinner. Just show up and eat the food. God, this house is amazing. I love all the woodwork and stuff. It’s so beautiful. Game When was the house built? Game . I’ve been renovating it since then. You’ve done a really great job. It’s very homey. It’s nice. Game We like it. Game Thank you. You know, let’s start. It’s, you know, family style. Here we go. That’s Game No, that’s way too much for me. Here, babe, let’s Game Game How much do you want?

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