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Music and dance

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  • Music and dance

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    Music and dance Description

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    Here is my love Game Who is singing? Sonja, she is showing off. Well, better than the one from my band. Listen Desa, I have an idea. DANCING The Cyclone are playing three times a week. Well, the crowd, it is a big crowd. A? And here Bora? Well, this trumpeters are not some experts, but it is better with them than having a fashion show with the gramophone. Yes, and singers Game Real screamers. Why not, it sparks. Ciao bambino. That does not spark. I know the whole San Remo by heart. Everything? Aha. Well, yes. Let’s go. Uh Bora. Look, look, look Game Uh, something cut me here. Are you all right? Beautiful people walk around and you Bora cannot come up with a design. “I have no inspiration. ” Do you know what I wish? To be you. What I want to say, to be an artist. You know, whenever I see a beautiful creature something artistic storms down into my heart. I have an urge to make a sculpture. Well, director, let’s make a deal. You provide inspiration, I drawings, and let’s split the money. And who will pay the taxes? That’s easy. But, we’d better continue with our investigation. OK. Leave the initiative to me, And you’ll see the progress. We are here. Right, this is the last site. So, shall I give you the bill? The bill? Slowly pal. Do you think that we’ll spend the night here? You should drive us to our homes. What is going on with you people? Games You act like you have to drive Brigitte Bardot. Well, I would drive her free of charge. Come one protocol. It brings me memories only Game This dark cherry colored scarf. About the past I don’t think any more. Wave of sadness fills up my heart. On my chest I rest Game This dark cherry colored scarf. Oh, you are the first real gentlemen I have met here. Well, that is in my blood. But madam, a gift for a gift. As Leo Tolstoy wonderfully said, “remember and return. ” I don’t understand. Give me back this tango. Avante de murire. This will be the most precious flower of them all. Flowery flowers on the flower square. All right.

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