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Music And Best Dance

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    Am I right? Listen, Evan. I know you and I had a little falling out. But as far as I’m concerned, water under the bridge. Ancient history. Okay, good games It’s all about the company now, right? Wait games I knew I could count on you. This is mine games MIKE: Boom shaka laka. Who’s the noob now, ? Oh, now you wanna be a little kid. Okay. Well, you can cry all night long ’cause you just got your ass whupped by a grownup with a big-ass dick. I’m gonna kill you. Yeah. Yeah. No, I’mma you up. I’m gonna games you up. Yeah, I see you. in’ eat that shit. Hey. Jesus, man! You gotta ing warn someone before you do that. Office hours are over. Yeah, well, high-speed internet’s free, and Elaine left her Souplantation in the fridge. So, velvet rope off this motherer right here because this is gonna be my own personal club tonight. Okay. Oh. And I’m gonna be dialing up some Youjizz and busting out some knuckle children in a couple of minutes so unless you wanna mop me up here and here and here and a little bit here and some over here games I’ll go take a smoke break. Oh, yeah, I’m back. Oh, are the tears back? Good. Yeah, take that. Oh. Oh-ho. I hear the tears already coming. What the shit? I’m gonna go take a dump now. If anyone wanna steal something from this company, I’d be gone way too long to do anything about it. Ha. Hilarious, man. Turning the lights out on the guy in the shitter, man. You must be some kind of a prank savant, right? All right, man. Whoever’s doing this better knock it off. Colonel Sanders. Still hilarious. Hey, is Mike here already? His car is in the garage. That’s a negative, sir. Do you know who Mike is? That’s a negative, sir. How do you know he’s not here? I unlocked the doors myself at , and no unfamiliars have penetrated my perimeter, I’ve been on full alert. So, full alert, huh? I believe I know this cat, sir. Okay, uh, at ease or carry on. Nah, I must be dreaming. Max called me at a. m. this morning to come in early. I haven’t been up before dawn since straight is great camp What? I wasn’t .

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