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Mother’s Day Surprise

Mother’s Day Surprise


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Mother’s Day Surprise Description

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Mother’s Day Surprise The decision is notjust yours, ok? You don’t want to betray your country. You want to go to the Olympics, right? No, I don’t. What? I’m not going to the Olympics and that’s that. What kind of bullshit is this? I’m not representing this system. What are you talking about? It means you’re done with racing. You’re done with everything. You’ll become a nobody. The accused Irena Moravcova has been found guilty of subversion in accordance with Section par. of the Criminal Code Nol when out of animosity to the socialist state system of the republic she committed subversive acts based on illegal producing and copying material hostile to socialist system and thus she is sentenced in accordance with Section Paragraph to months of imprisonment. In accordance with Section a) Paragraph a of the Criminal Code the defendant shall serve her sentence in correctional facility, category A. This is the Czechoslovakian station of Radio Free Europe. This morning a plenary session of the Czechoslovakian Olympic Committee succumbed to the Moscow pressure and decided that Czechoslovakian athletes wouldn’t attend the rd Summer Olympic Games in Los Angeles. Communist officials claim this is to protect the athletes. They say America is not a safe place. Reactionary circles of the U.S. Use the Olympics preparations to enforce their political goals and they allegedly make teams from socialist countries a target of hatred in Los Angeles.

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