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Monster High Fast Werecat Babies

Monster High Fast Werecat Babies


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Monster High Fast Werecat Babies Description

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This is a jungle, sir! Night and day are all the same here Priya Ma’am, was he tall? Yes Well built? Yes! Fair-skinned? Yes! Kalicharan! Kalicharan.? Kalicharan.? Yes, sir! Kalicharan’s ghost! Been wandering in the mountains for ages. upside down on trees Just imagine! What nonsense! A ghost in ourtimes.? l don’t believe all this. l also don’t believe all this! What happened? What happened? Relax. Sir, it’s either a sprain or a fracture Oh no! We’re here on a -day adventure camp. .and you’ve already broken yourfoot! Honey, take her into the tent and give herfirst-aid Careful. Bahadur, go to your phone booth and call for a car We need to send Priya to the city fortreatment l’ll go at night, sir. l feel scared by day. What? Yes! Kalicharan’s ghost. Scares people by day and sleeps at night. Just imagine! Easy, easy Just relax. l’ll organise a painkiller C’mon guys. Let’s go You’re always screaming! Doesn’t yourthroat hurt? Your eyes are widening again! You must never get scared. What happened, Priya? Why were you screaming?

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