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Monday Morning Mess 2

Monday Morning Mess 2


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Monday Morning Mess 2 Description

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Monday Morning Mess 2 But, that night, he got away from me. I knew exactly where he’d go. He’d been goin’ to the house every night. I blew it, Annie. If I’d gotten there five minutes sooner game But why? Why did he call him? Dad said he’d found a way to destroy him. What has our family got to do with this? I don’t know. Dad wouldn’t tell me. Before he died, he got in touch with this guy who trafficked in black market stuff. Stolen art, weird shit. What was his name? He won’t talk to ya. I tried. His name. Thibideaux. He’s in the Quarter. No, don’t go. It’s too dangerous. I must find out what Dad was looking for. Wait till I get out. There isn’t time. Besides, you’ll be safe here. There’s always someone watching. I think you’ve done this before. Oh, yeah. Come on, get it where it’s drippin’ there. I’m gonna try. Would you care for something sweet? A small snowball, please. Cherry? Cherry would be fine. Sweets for the sweet. Would you like something else? I’m looking for a man named Thibideaux. Well, I don’t think I’m acquainted with anybody by that name. It’s about my father. Maybe you should talk to your daddy. He’s dead. He was murdered. Coleman Tarrant. Clara, why don’t you run on ahead to that party and I’ll meet you over there, OK? I’ll have you know, HonorĂ©, I intend to collect on that drink you promised me. Oh, yeah, baby. I’m countin’ on it. Hello. You wait here. I’m gonna take a look. Your father understood the difference between history and age. Some pieces are merely old. Others have history. And history, because it reflects life, is not always pretty. It eats, it game if you’ll pardon the expression game shits. Most of the objects your father sought held history within them. Your father found out that the was born here in New Orleans. His name was Daniel Robitaille. And she was his lover. Caroline Sullivan. Your father was almost as obsessed with her as he was with the . Why? There was something of hers he most desperately wanted. Her mirror. Those who witnessed the horror said that Robitaille’s suffering was so agonizing, so unbearable, that his soul became trapped in Caroline’s mirror.

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