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Modern Theatre

Modern Theatre


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No. She’s on a private tour with the dean of students. Can you believe that? Hi. Yes, I’m Audrey Martin and I’m a rising freshman currently on a tour of Middleton campus. Um, do you think it would be possible to have a brief word with Dean Pruitt? It’s very important. Uh Game huh. Yeah. Okay, thank you. Excuse me. Oh, . Excuse me. Hey. How was the tour with the dean of students? The tour with the dean of students, yes. It was Games it was great. It was great. We saw some fascinating Games have you seen the bell tower yet? We saw the Games we were up into the bell tower. It’s beautiful. And we went into a class. We went into an acting class and they taught us how to breathe Games you know, how the actors breathe. It was like Games Ahh Game hh. Gotta make a sound like that. Ahh Game hh. The dean of students is at a conference in Toronto. Ahh Game hh. It’s like Games Excuse me. Okay, where’s my mother? Uh, she’s Games planetarium. She said something about the planetarium. Game It’s an observatory. Game Well, yes, exactly Games the observatory. Yeah. I’ve just been calling it the Games planetarium. Have you seen Conrad? Have you seen Conrad? Hey. I just ran into your dad. Was he looking for me? No. What’s up with your mom? I’m tracking her down. I cannot wait to find her deceitful ass and expose her lie. What’s the rush? In case you haven’t noticed, I’m a now kind of girl. George. What are we doing here? We’re having lunch. Is that what you call it Games having lunch? What do you call it, George? Just look at me straight in the eye and tell me that we’re just having lunch. I need Games I need some Games I need some ketchup. Come here. Hey, come on. Edith, Edith, sit down. Come on. What just happened in that acting class? What was that? Game It was two adults making believe. Game Making believe? Is that what you call it Games making believe? Well, what do you call it, George? Well, uh, if you want to know the truth, I’m afraid to give it a name.

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