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Modern Theatre Time

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  • Modern Theatre Time

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    see that it is returned to my room after the interval. She has done it before, Sir. I like to be certain. There it is, my child. Pretty young thing, aren’t you? Thank you, Sir. Sir, it’s time to age. They’re all the same colour. Which stick do I use? I can’t see the colours. What now? How is he? He’ll be all right if he’s left in peace. I want to see with my own eyes. No, no, he is not to be disturbed. And what about the understudies? He knows all about it, everything’s in hand. You realise now there’s going to be an audience out there. It’d be a bit silly going through all this if there wasn’t. Will he be ready on time? Will he be well enough? Yes. Madge, can I just, erm game ? Who was that? Just a minion minioning. Too many interruptions, my concentration. Norman. Yes, Sir? How does the play begin? Which play, Sir? Tonight’s, tonight’s, I cannot remember the first line. Attend the lords of France and Burgundy, Gloucester. Yes, yes. What performance is this? Tonight will be your game th performance of the part, Sir. Lears and I cannot remember the first line. Haven’t we forgotten something else, Sir? If you don’t mind my asking. We have to sink our cheeks. I shall look like this in my coffin. And a broad straight line of number down the nose. ‘Give you strength, you say. ‘ ‘Surgical spirit. ‘ ‘I know how to stick on a beard. ‘I’ve been a depicter for years. ‘ ‘I shall need a rest after the storm scenes. ‘ ‘There’s no need to tell me. I know. ‘ ‘And shall we take extra care with the wig join tonight?’ ‘I shall give them a good one tonight. ‘ Norman! Yes, Sir? What’s the first line again? All this clitter-clatter-chitter-chatter game Attend the lords of France and Burgundy, Gloucester. You’ve put it out of my mind. Keep silent when I’m dressing. I have work to do, hard bloody labour. Sir, Sir. I cannot remember the first line. , performances and I have to ask you for the first line. Yes, I’ll take you through it. Take me through it? Nobody takes you through it, you’re put through it, night after night after night.

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