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Mirror and imagine

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  • Mirror and imagine

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    Mirror and imagine Description

    Mirror and imagine, Mirror and imagine Games, Play Mirror and imagine Games

    Mirror and imagine That’s my train! My train! I’ve nearly missed it! Overstayed my welcome! You see, I wanted to shove it back into his pocket. Whose pocket? Did you see him? Who? While I pulled on my pants, he was gone. Disappeared! Whom are you talking about? Do you think I found or stole it? Found what? Found or stole it? Stole it? What does it read? It’s in English Game Or Australian. Let’s buy something to eat. Some bread and something else. And then see if you found it or stole it, eh? What’s there to see? Let’s buy some vinaigrette, it’s the cheapest! Or just lots of bread! All right. Look, what if this is a lot of money and they’ll think that we stole it? You, not we. If I wanted to steal it, I wouldn’t run after him! Shush! Now if it’s the wrong kind of money, we’ll say we have found it, right? Right. Yes! Yes, we’ll say we have found it. Thank you. Thank you. Hello, two hardboiled eggs and half a loaf of bread, please. Two hardboiled eggs! Sweetie, you either fell out of a tree or robbed somebody. Go to the exchange bureau. Why ask me riddles? Wait, have an egg! Have it! Hello! A note to the illiterate: All currency operations with minors are prohibited by law. We need an adult. A good adult. I am good! You are been very lucky. This is your gift from The Hearth of Home Company. This little knife can cut wire. This is a cheese knife, and its twin will slice the softest bread without any crumbs. You buy this little knife it costs mere kopecks and get the rest as a gift. How many mere kopecks? We have nothing to cut so far. Well Game Hello, will you help us change No! No need to you won’t change anything. Change yourself. Repent and raise your eyes to Heaven! I’ve told you many times before Game It’s a load of bunk. Bullshit! Why would I? Look Game Are you nuts? I’ve told you many times. So go and tell her just that! Bullshit! Yes! Look Please exchange this note for us. And he says wait, my dear Game No, I wasn’t talking to you Game There are some children here. Yes, and Please help us exchange this money! My movie is called “Chickens’ Ford”.

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