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Mini Golf Clothes

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  • Mini Golf Clothes

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    It could be anything. It’s, like, service, like coming here right now, helping me. That’s higher power. You, like, literally transplanted a baby’s butt on my face. That was so solid of you to come all this way for me. Thank you. God. That’s right. I almost forgot. I have to get home without using the subway. Why don’t you just use my bike? Game No, I can’t. Game It’s okay. I have another one. No, I mean, I literally can’t. I’m not a good rider of bikes. Game Hey, move your shit, fat girl. Game I’m a guy, asshole! I’m a fat guy! Yield, please. Who lives like this? Hey, sorry. Hey. How’s it going? I’m gonna finish this in if it kills me. Game Good. But just remember, one day at a time. Biking now? Game Can’t forget to tuck in the cuff, man. Game Yeah. Yeah, I know. Game That’s a nice helmet you got there. Game Thank you. Appreciate it. Game What shade of pink is that again? Game I’m gonna get a new one, okay? Game It matches your shirt. Game you, dude. You’re the one who told me I couldn’t take the subway anymore, so now I’m out there in the streets, biking for my life like in’ Il Postino. Okay. I’m sorry. Game Why are you riding me? Game I’m sorry. I’m just Game I’m going through some stuff right now. It’s fine. I’m sorry. I just haven’t jerked off in over a week. You know, I just feel like one giant blue ball right now. Right. Yo, two after. Can we do this? Okay, Adam, I’m gonna need, like, some specifics here, so that I can understand. You really wanna look under that rock? I mean, if we’re gonna do this, you know, I gotta know. Oh, God Game Compulsive masturbation. Hitting on every girl that I come across. Lots of one Game night stands. Juggling multiple girlfriends. Prostitutes? Prostitutes, yeah. I’m sorry. Game It’s hard for me to picture you like that. Game That’s it. That’s the disease. It makes you do things that violate everything that you believe in. I wanted to stop so badly, I can’t tell you, but I couldn’t. I understand.

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