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Milan Glam Best Dress up

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  • Milan Glam  Best Dress up

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    [sighs] That’s our address, but, there’s never been a Ginsburg and Tamlen on this building. At least not for the last years I’ve worked here. That’s impossible. It’s an immigration law firm, I’ve been Neil’s client for the last months. You’ve been up to this guy’s office in this building? No, I always met him outside the office. Sorry, kid. Card’s a fake. [grunts angrily] [car alarm blares] [classical music playing] Fat free, sugar, carbs. Fat free. Oh, but there’s chocolate with peanut butter! Are you going to buy something or you just talk to the machine? Oh, I’m sorry, go ahead. Thank you. Fat free! Always. Hey. pretty girl. Hev. Kyle. There you go. One loaner violin bow. You break it, you buy it. It’s the best you’ve got? Hey, Ruby, right? Yeah. How’s first week going? Good! Well, challenging, actually. Yeah, mine too. I, uh Games broke my bow playing Bartok. Ooh, sounds painful. Yeah, it is, I’ve to use this lame loaner till I can get to the music store. They loan instruments here? Yeah. Hey, I’m off to practice, but I’ll, uh Games see you around? Okay, yeah, bye. Hi. Yes? Can I borrow that violin, please? This is a viola. I meant the other violin. To the Games To the right. Okay- Are you a student here? Yes, sir, I am. Can I see some ID, please? I have it right here. Okay- One violin. Need a bow, too? Oh, yes, please. So, are you entering the competition? What competition? That competition. There you go. [mobile phone ringing] Hey, Simon. How’s London? What do you think? It’s cold and it’s wet. Where’s my rent money? I’m sorry it’s late. You know, I had an unexpected setback, but um Games I’m working on it. Oh, you better work quickly or you’re out on the street. Listen, Johnnie, I’m not messing around here. You hearing me? I hear you. [homeless man] Hey, what’s going on, baby? Hey. Hi. Oh, I love your place. Yeah, thanks. It’s not mine. You okay? Yeah, I’m fine. What’s that? It’s a loaner violin from my school. Crazy idea. You can enter into this contest for the Peterson Foundation. Winner gets $,.

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