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Mermaid Cute Baby

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    just one person will know and understand. And I act for him. I cannot move that which cannot be moved. What are we on about now? I’m filled inside with stone. Stone upon stone. I cannot lift myself. The weight is too much. Oh, I know futility when I see it. I dream at night of unseen hands driving wooden stakes into my feet. And the dream is long and graceless. I awake, sweat-drenched, poisoned. And the whole day long there is a burning heat inside of me, driving all else from my mind. HE GRUNTS What did I do today? You walked. You thought you wrote. You went into Market Square. And a woman kissed your hand and said you were lovely in The Corsican Brothers. How do you know all this? Has someone been talking? I don’t wish to hurry you, Sir. No, I lie, I do. I hate the swines. Who? He’s a hard task-master, he drives me too hard. I have too much to carry. Yes? I’d like to see him. I’d rather you didn’t. It’s my responsibility to take the curtain up tonight. There isn’t much time. Things have reached a delicate stage. What’s all the whispering? Nothing, nothing. Has he begun to make-up yet? Not yet. Do you realise how late it is? They’ll be calling the half in a moment. I know how late it is. SIR HUMS A TUNE LOUDLY Then on your head be it. Oh, look! A dressing-gown! Shall we put it on and keep ourselves warm? What does it matter where you were or what you did today? You’re here in the theatre, safe and sound, where you belong. Another full house. Lovely. Really? A full house? They’ll be standing in the gods. Do you know they bombed The Grand Theatre, Plymouth? And much else of the city besides. I made my debut at The Grand Theatre, Plymouth. They weren’t to know. I shouldn’t have come out this autumn but I had no choice. He made me. Who? I should have rested. I had a friend that was ordered to rest. He obeyed and that was the end of him. He was ever so ill. Nearly became a Catholic. Right, now, would you like a little rub-down? I’m not surprised you’re feeling dispirited. It’s been ever such a hard time. No young men

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