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  • Masquerade

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    Masquerade Description

    Your father took you here as a child. Games Am I correct? Games Huh? That must have been right around the time this park opened? Interesting. Where am I? Where’s Sara? Consider yourself very fortunate, Mr. White. No outsider has ever been where you are. That makes you the first. Yes, and right now you’re under the ride Spaceship Earth. What we call Base . Games I’m still at Epcot? Games But where else? Oh, I must apologize for those. But, you see, I had no idea what sort of condition you’d be in. It’s been so long. Who are you? Consider me a friend. You work for Dny? No, and fortunately for you, they are unaware of my existence. Unless, of course, the French takeDress Up Game Oh, they are the most dangerous. You see, I am a servant of the Siemens Corporation. What?! Siemens. The enterprise which sponsors this attraction. Computer, begin the scan. You’ve got quite an imagination! Just like old W himself. He diedDress Up Game Dress Up Gamewhile all this was still in its early stages. Epcot’s real purpose remains unfinished. You’re inside my head! Not your head, Jim. In your imagination. But we don’t want to control it like they do. We simply monitor things, so we can know what they’re up to and keep tabs. Who is that? That’s you. What?! Only that’s the real you, in a part of your imagination you’ve never sought to use. Turn it off, please! Please! Something’s not right. Didn’t your boss relay the message when you spoke to him? My boss? What are you talking about? He was instructed to remind youDress Up Game Dress Up Gameyou were to take the boy. And Security was to meet you, after the ride, at the Land Pavilion. Do you know how much depends on this?!

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