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Masquerade Party Prep Hair Care Time

Masquerade Party Prep Hair Care Time


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Masquerade Party Prep Hair Care Time Description

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I will dress and prepare your breakfast. Julieta, when you come and look for me to tell me you’re leaving my side, I don’t want you to find me. I don’t want you to be the one to ask me for freedom, I want to be the one who gives it. I have walked all night, like a desperate feeling I’ve lost you. Thinking I’m alone now, and I wish I could hold you, but I also know that because of me, we have been very unhappy. Now words and explanations are useless. I wish you find the happiness, I could not Games give you. Ignacio. Leave me Juanito. I can’t wait any longer. Farewell, Juanito. No, Juanito, no. Think of it as a vacation outside. That you can’t come because of school. Be good to Ignacio. He loves you like a son. Juanito, you have to help me. Why? Don’t ask me anything. There is no time. You will do as I say. When some men, which are on their way here, enter the house, you tell them you’re headed to school. You take the first bus headed to the station, look for the “South Train”, in it you’ll find the man who was here yesterday. You hand him this envelope I just gave you Yes. Don’t stop for anything, undertand? Anything. And now sit. Where can I talk to you without the kid hearing us? Here, because I’m going to school now. Say? Here you have pesos. So? That’s the price governor Vidal offers for the documents you have. I don’t understand a word Games Let me finish Violence disgusts us. We don’t want the police mixed up in this affair. That’s why we don’t use violence even with that agitator you’re protecting. What have you done to him? Only register him. Register him from head to toes. If he has no papers, and not even the ticket for the South train, who but you, who spent the night with him, could have those documents? So you’re leaving with him. You can see we’re well informed. The lady asks for you. Thanks a lot. Dispénseme que la interrumpa, but as my husband didn’t return home all night Games And what do I have to do? My husband Games I should have begun there. That man, Jorge Ruiz, a light inspector.

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