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    I can’t eat anymore. How did you two guys become priests anyway? Yeah, you guys don’t really even seem that gay. My path to the priesthood was, you know, the usual. I was up Dress Up Games and Dress Up Games coming bullfighter in Madrid. Dress Up Games Wow. Dress Up Games Shit. Dress Up Games That’s awesome. Dress Up Games What happened? What happened Dress Up Game Dress Up Game is that the bull does not lose every bullfight. This bull was like the Michael Jordan of bulls. He was amazing. He poked me through like I was a custard flan. And he was Dress Up Game And he was a Dress Up Game A bull. Exactly like that. The bad thing is, I could hear the parade they threw for the bull. ‘Cause this bull was very popular then. He’s still popular now, for almost killing such a promising young matador. So, what about you? Were you a bullfighter too? I was one of those living statue guys. Oh, yeah! Those weirdos that paint themselves all white? You make a lot of tips. Ladies love it. What happened? Bad luck. I got caught in the crossfire of a local Mafia feud. They were trying to shoot a couple who was testifying against the family, and I don’t know if they no see me or they just think I’m a statue, but I got shot times. times seems excessive. They say it’s still a record in that part of Italy, huh? Dress Up Games Not bad. Dress Up Games For Italy, that is something. Put that on your Facebook page. They take me back to a local hospital. And there, the good sisters save my life. They suck the bullets out of my body with their mouths. I guess the doctor was not there that day. It was a good day. Describe that memory for just another second. It was on that day I decided to give my life to God. You’re probably wondering how we became partners. Let’s tell the story. Dress Up Games I was new to the force. Dress Up Games And I’m a bit of a renegade. Dress Up Games I think we get it. Dress Up Games We get it. Dress Up Games You no get along Dress Up Game Dress Up Games Then you do get along.

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