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Mannequin Lifestyle

Mannequin Lifestyle


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Thank you. You’re a lucky man. Thank you. Edith. Edith. Edith. Okay, let’s go. Let go. Okay, boy. Okay, time to practice. Let’s go. Okay, let go. Let go. Thank you. Good luck. Come on. Come on. This way. Campus police is outside looking for the bicycles. Let’s go. But we borrowed them. No, no, no, I’d rather not have that discussion. Come on. Wasn’t that nice? Oh, nice, very good. Nice kid. Oh. Come on. No, George, I mean the duet. Game What? Game It feels good to have a partner. Game I think we should walk faster, Edith. Game Are you happy,It helps you to relax. And exhale in one tone. Ahh. Beautiful. Let’s stretch. All the way. And let me see you move with the sentence. Shh. Beautiful. Let’s change the legs. Br Game r Game r Game r. Shake it up. Br Game r Game r Game r. Now let’s have the last intense sentence. Go. Beautiful. Let’s get ready for the scene work. Hey. Can I help you? Hi. Hi. Hi. Hi. Hey, class. Wonderful class. We came in the wrong door. There are no wrong doors. All the world’s a stage. Not in my world. Who are you? We’re Games We’re Games we’re Games we’re Games We’re Games we got lost Games We got lost from the Games separated from the tour. Yeah. Yeah. Oh, Dingleberry. Hey, can we watch your class for a bit? Do you mind? I’m sorry, but no one audits my class. I require full participation. I’m gonna kill you, Edith. Sorry, some other time. Thank you very much. We’ll be right down. Edith. George. Let’s go this way. No, come on. Edith. Edith. George, let’s go. Edith George, now. All right, you guys, I don’t want to see any tears, but this concludes the tour portion of the day. Aww. I know. I hope it’s been fun and informative. And this is the cafeteria right here to our right. You know, go in there. Don’t have the chowder. It’s pretty nasty. And I hope you guys can fill out your evaluation forms. And enjoy the rest of your visit. Game Oh, thanks. Game Thanks. Good job. Thank you. Hope you give me all fives. Thanks. All right. Excuse me. Mm Game hmm? I just have a few questions. I love questions. Shoot ’em. Is it true that Roland Emerson won’t work with underclassmen? I’m sorry, what is a Roland Emerson? He’s a person. The premier linguistics professor in the country. Roland Emerson. Roland Emerson. No, I’m just kidding. I know him. He’s a big hit here. Roland and I are like this. Okay, let me tell you exactly how to peel the Emerson onion. So Games How did you get out of your shackles? Wait! What about the onion? Girlfriend stuff. I can’t wait to fail your evaluation.

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