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Makeup secrets

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    I don’t even know why I wear it. Well, at least you had your father. And you have me. Oh. Why didn’t you cut me throat when you trapped me’? Games Dixie, we need to talk. Games Mmm? What is it now, Isis? It’s about Gonner. Ever since he arrived you’re totally ignoring me. That’s so not true. Don’t be ridiculous. It’s Game It’s like you don’t even see me. You may as well have me embalmed. Bread and butter? Are you happy now? Why don’t you wake Gonner up so we can leave. Gonner, get up. What? What happened? Where is he? The Azoth! Gonner Game Games Oh. Games Dixie, why don’t we go back to the cemetery? No! We’re going to find Gonner and get my necklace back. I’m hungry, I’m tired, and really scared. Shut up and tell me which way to go! Uh, that way! I thought splitting cobwebs was bad luck. Then that way! You have no idea, do you? No. Yes. Wait. I have an idea. Your phoney superstitions were a pack of lies to get me to be your friend. I just wanted Game Drop dead. Again. No, Dixie. Dixie! No! Why do bad things always have to happen to me’? So there you are. Boatswain! It’s all your fault! Argh! Poxy! Where’s Dixie? İf you actually cared, then you’d give me back the Azoth! I can’t and quit throwin’ rocks! Ugh! Come back here, you worthless, Caribbean scum! Take that. Ugh! You’re just a lying, cheating, good for nothing, barnacle! Ow! Isis, you have no idea. Just scat out of here! Two Games timing thief! I ain’t scattin’ nowhere you gutsucker. It’s not what you think! İf anything happens to Dixie, you’ll pay with your life! Bucko, I’m trying to save Dixie. Mmm? Whoa! Games Very Game Games Not to peep. Stop your shoutin’ or you’ll stir up all the bats! No worries. I have it. Pig! Shh! The Novice? She got away. Relax, Thorko. Who needs the wench! Once she has the Azoth, Nebulosa has nothing to fear. Are we clearing out or not? Come on, let’s push off. Follow me. Looking for me? What are you waiting for? It’s me Game Dixie. Gonner! No gifts for your First Mate?

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