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Makeup secrets Plan

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    MAN: Yes. Now I want you to feed each other The Stuff with nice smiles on your face. ♪ My lips crave more and more each day ♪ ♪ One lick is never enough of The Stuff game ♪ Pearl and Cathy, get a slightly tighter shot of them, will you? MAN: You want me to move in? As they come forward, move in. Can you get it? Go in for a close-up of the faces of these two ’cause they’re real beauties. Let me see how much you love it! Very good. Thanks, girls. Okay, Christine, by yourself. Right to the lens. Right here. I’m going to want you to go in for a tight close-up as she feeds the camera. whispers What are you doing? Are you out of your mind? Who the hell are you? Everybody break for five minutes. I got to talk to Miss Kendall about her employment and this job. You all can break. Coffee? You can take off with that. Kill the lights and the sound. You got that? music stops What game ? I’m sorry to interrupt you, but I can’t wait in line. I can tell you’re not the type of person to wait in line either. You didn’t get where you are now by waiting in line, did you? How do you know that story? That’s the way I got where I am. And here I am with you and you’re awful pretty. “David game Rutherford?” Moe! My friends call me Moe. They call me Moe ’cause every time they give me something, I always want mo’! And I suppose you’re wondering what I want out of you. Yes, I’d like to know what this was all about. I want to put you on our public relations campaign. I need you not just to raise the image, you gotta convince the public that Lee-High Petroleum has the public’s interest at heart. Oh! But game But why me? Well, I mean, look what you did for The Stuff! You invented the name, as I understand it. You created the image and put the whole sales pitch together. That’s why I don’t have a lot of time for petroleum companies. Well, darling, I’m not here to hire your agency. I want to buy your agency and put you in charge. Oh! Oh! Um game You want to buy the agency and make? game That clarifies things. Will you just sit right there one second.

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