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Makeup And Spa

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    Makeup And Spa Description

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    Makeup And Spa Something strange here. Look. Every name is letters. Yeah. Isn’t that weird? Look at the money this guy’s got. Maybe not. What do you think that means? It’s not your money. What are you doing? Put it back in the bag. Jesus. Look at this. Uh, listen, if you don’t let me go pee, I’ll have to do it here. And this place looks like a shithole, so I guess it wouldn’t matter anyway, would it? A’ is, uh You got , Sharky D’ is ? OK, Sinclair is coming down the steps, so hurry up. l is what? l is a . What are you doing? Just bear with me. A is , right? I can’t believe this. This guy’s got $. I got $ in my pocket. N is Game N is . . And A is . Now what do you got? What is it? What we have here is phone numbers. Could be. So what? How’s it going? We got phone numbers. So this is not Sinclair’s. Lieutenant Friscoe, I would like to officially request Game . wire taps. Yeah, he ought to have . $. I can’t believe it. I got $ in my pocket Homicide wants to know where we got this one. How do you pronounce this one? Siakwan. Yeah, well, anyways, that Chink hooker that got blown away with Tad Roper. Jesus. Somebody oughta call the cops. What’d you tell Homicide? I told them to eat shit. Yeah. Sure. The Department allowed all the taps on all but one. Yeah? Which one? This one. Number . Dominoe. Why? It’s protected. Usually means another section’s on top of it. What section? Look, I don’t know. Jesus, you got taps. You’ll be getting tapes tomorrow. Ineed . Sharky, we can’t get that one. I can get that one. Bullshit. How? This friend of mine. He’s buried in Personnel. He’s a top wire man. He’ll do it as a favor to me. Favor my ass, Sharky. Nobody does Vice any favors. I’m telling you, he’ll do it as a favor to me. Piss off, Sharky. You’re an ungrateful son of a bitch. Ey, ey, ey. This is my house. Don’t you talk to me that way. I’ll tear you apart right now, right here. I’ll kick the shit out of you. I’ll knock you to your knees. Hey I’m trying to put Lisa to bed, so no more playing high school, OK, tough guys? You see? You wanna kiss Daddy?

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