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Makeover Time

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  • Makeover Time

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    Makeover Time Got it? All I can do. This was his den. Like all bears, when he woke up from his winter sleep he got out of his den and headed for the thick of the woods. Go there. If you hear a branch crackle or a tree fall, it’s Bogdanov. He always walks without looking. It’s a lie. He is no bear. Who the hell are you? Hello. I’m his daughter. Check it in, please. Spitting image. Spitting image! Mister, tell us where to look for him. He isn’t a bear, he is a man! Bogdanov isn’t a bear, he is a man! His spitting image, really. Your number is . Thanks. A blueeyed blonde, what can be better? Nothing if you’ve got money. As for the man Bogdanov, he didn’t work here long. He left without leaving his forwarding address Game Or rather, he was fired. I don’t remember what for. Where did he live? What was his address? Right here on the back racks. I’m a kind man. I allowed him. Where are you going?! Where are you? That’s restricted area! Oh Game ! That’s restricted area! It’s him! It’s him! Where are you going?! It’s him! It’s him! Get out! Get out of here! What the hell? It’s not him. It’s not Bogdanov. It’s not him. It’s not Bogdanov. That’s my twin brother. My twin brother. Stop snoring! Or don’t stop snoring? Let him snore! Can I check this in? Sure, madam. My father is a master cabinet maker. He sent us Christmas cards every year. Our furniture factory was closed down. And he lost his job. Where was it? In Korostyshiv. He was a proud and independent man. Where shall we look for him? No idea. He wasn’t very talkative. Find him Game Go home! The government will take care of you! It should. Using taxpayers’ money. They are his. Or these drums! You can buy them for a song. Looks like somebody has done his drumming. How much is for a song? We don’t need any drums. Why was he fired? I remember! I remember! One passenger talked him into taking a caged parrot, which is strictly prohibited. The parrot shouted: Let me out of here! every five minutes. So Bogdanov let him out. So the passenger wrote a complaint that Bogdanov had let the bird out and he got fired because he’d checked it in!

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