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Magnificent Wedding

Magnificent Wedding


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Magnificent Wedding Description

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Magnificent Wedding She’d dream of parapara Game I’m very proud to present the firstplace trophy to the winner of this year’s competition, to the Space Warriors, applause cheering fireworks popping Two months? That’s one month grounding from each of us. Consider it a punishment gift. Mom. Yes? Without everything you’ve ever done for me, we wouldn’t be here right now, and those men wouldn’t have made it. Ma’am. Oh, Captain. Jimmy. Captain. I’ll see you in the stars. Captain. Mom, Dad, you remember Lacey. Hi. I’m really sorry to interrupt, but me and some of the other kids were wondering if you wanted to get a pizza or something. I suppose the grounding could start after dinner. ANDY Sure, you guys. Go on. Beat it. Let’s go, Lacey. I’m starved. And so it begins. How ’bout we get a bite? Okay. Come on. JIMMY Unbelievable it was only three years ago. My grounding was longer than Space Camp itself, where the Warriors are now the returning champs and astronautstobe. We are, we are Whoo! Hey, guys. Jimmy. Jimmy, boy. We are, we are Game Ah, this is crazy. Here. The ice cream’s melting. We have to eat it first. A pizza for dessert? You rock. Best party ever! Whoo! You ready? Oh. Oh, what are you doing? Launch! cheering All right, here we go. And Game Okay, , , s. Record needle scratches We look to the ever after We are the strangers Ahem. We practically in danger We know these roads here They never seem to bode well It’s our predicament And we ain’t even sick of it Game What is going on here? Team building, sir. This your idea, Hawkins? Full responsibility, sir. So we live on the run We keep our eyes set, eyes set Game Carry on. yells cheering We are unstoppable We are, we are For the impossible We are, we are We are the kingdom come That’s who we are We are, we are We are unstoppable We are, we are For the impossible We are, we are We are the kingdom come That’s what we are We keep it moving This path is by our choosing When we get tripped up We call above for lift up Stay busy bashing While we proceed with passion They say we missing it

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