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Magnificent Tea Party Adventure

Magnificent Tea Party Adventure


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Magnificent Tea Party Adventure Description

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she almost died I had never been thatscared before Itwas at that time that I could understand your feelings With a child, you have responsibilities No matterwhatyou do, you will have to consider the results Don’t think thateverything will be so easy And you shouldn’talways think that things are so complicated I think they’re complicated Games Look at how innocentand simple your brother is Butwhatabout his relationships? Isn’t thatcomplicated? I understand yourworld less and less You know I gave birth to both of you Can there be anything aboutyou that I don’t know? Whatcan I do? Shove you back and give birth again? I really wish I could do that Maybe if he meets a good girl, he will have a chance to change The way your mother held Nina today, she was really cool She was like a wolf with a katana Don’t think of my mom as whatyou saw just now When I was little, my teacheratschool hit me and she ran to the school to find the principal Afterwards, I didn’teven dare to go to school Your mom really cares a lot foryou I think you shoud try and tell her Maybe she’ll accept it I won’t tell my mom She’s already had to deal with too much As long as she won’t keep forcing me to get married Do you think that I’m really useless? Take itslowly At least, you’re not running away from your ual orientation I’ve thoughtabout it But I couldn’t run away from you I really want to be like your mom and hold ourchildren If yoursisterdoesn’twant Nina can she give her to us? How can she notwant Nina? And you wouldn’t mind thatour child would be so dark? Dark is really cool too Take me, even if I wanted to, I wouldn’t tan Nina? Nina Nina You were hiding from grandma and waiting for her to find you? Madam Song Teacher Zhang Whata coincidence Greetgrandma Grandma Good Hereyes are really big She looks a bit like a black person Whose child is it? My Song Ling’s Song Ling’s? She’s married? How come you didn’t invite me to the wedding? She didn’tget married Oh Your family has really modern ideas Very cute I’m a bit busy I’ll talk to you anotherday Okay,

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