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Magnificent night Makeover

Magnificent night Makeover


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Magnificent night Makeover Description

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Magnificent night Makeover Also, we will need to establish a communications link with a satellite, because all communications have been rerouted to Marshall due to Hurricane Nancy. We can do this if we work together, as a team. Well, I need to talk to someone. Okay. MANLEY Andy, it’s Roy. I’m on my way over. Any luck? ANDY I’m with the Commander now. So far, I think the kid’s idea is our only option. No audible dialogue RUSSIAN MISSION CONTROL Update to Soyuz rescue mission launch, hour and minutes. Speaking Russian Speaking Russian Sir, we may have come up with a solution. We? Uh, my team. chuckles Captain Game your team are children. Yes, sir, but Game they may have found an answer, a game plan. Oh. Well, ththat’s good. Not a moment too soon. Let me get Houston on the phone, tell ’em they could take the evening off. Let me tell you, a gaggle of yearolds can’t solve this problem. That’s the real world, gentlemen, and when they fail, no one’s gonna blame them. They’re only children. You know what this country needs this program for? We live in a country where children don’t choose to be scientists, engineers, or Game or mathematicians, not anymore, not in the numbers we need, not like it used to be, when this program was a drawing card, when a man walked on the moon, when space was a magnet, a pied piper. We’re still alive, boys, but Game it’s a flickering flame, so don’t do anything that’s gonna snuff it out, that’s gonna give its final deathblow. Sir, my kid’s on that team, and I really think their plan might work. What makes you so sure it can’t? Warriors. Yes, sir. Yes, sir. We just met with a buddy of ours from NASA. He said over agencies are working on the problem. The best and the brightest from all over the world are on it. Now, we asked him if he had heard of anyone suggesting using remote technology to have the Robonaut on the ship fix the lifesupport problem. Or putting the astronauts and cosmonauts to sleep. Temporarily. And he asked, “What good would that do?” Then we said it might buy us just enough time before they run out of oxygen.

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