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Magnificent Night Makeover Time

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  • Magnificent Night Makeover Time

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    Magnificent Night Makeover Time Description

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    I take it you’re not pleased to see me? Sorry, I’m just surprised. I didn’t think you were the tux type. Me neither. You look stunning. Thank you. So, what are you doing here? I was invited by a friend from school. How about you? [Hayward] He could use a lap around the room. We’ve ran out of smoked salmon. Hello. Hayward, this is Ruby. Ruby! Nice to meet you. You too. [woman] Games conservatory’s most promising students. Excuse me. Kyle Endecot. So, is he your date? Oh, um Games I don’t think so. You look like a young man who knows how to dance. I’m just a server. Well, you’re on break now. Be a doll, please. Come on. [violin music playing] Hi. You want to dance with me? Oh, please Games Oh. Oops. Oh, sorry. My goodness, you’re an agile one. Thank you. I try. Oh, no. I better save that poor girl from my blundering husband. Do you mind? Not at all. Thank you. Shall we? d Where did you learn to tango? My grandmother. She must have been a good dancer. She was. The boy can move! So can his girl. So, you have a new job? Yes, I’ve been humble since our last meeting, which I want to apologize for. [Ruby] You don’t have to do that. I was being pushy. I mean, I don’t even know you. Do you want to? [applause and cheer] Excuse me, I think there are some dishes in the kitchen that need your attention. Come on, you don’t have to dance with the help. Let go, Kyle, let go. You heard her. What did you say? Please don’t. Wait, wait a minute, I know you. You’re the guy who plays for money on the subway, right? That’s right. Now, back off! What, you want to settle this outside? I’m fine to settle it right here. May I? [Kyle] What are you going to do? Pass around a hat? [people laugh] d [applause] [audience gasping and laughing] [tempo rises] Whoa, oh, oh! Excuse me, can I borrow this? Sure. [dance music playing] [glass shatters] Take that, street hack. What? You think you’re so tough? Please call security. Go! Back off! [Kyle] Go back to the subway, before I mop the floor with your face. [woman] Security’s here. Yeah, you better

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