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Magical Massage

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    his miracle cure I now never go to bed sober. All cases are treated in absolute confidence. This incredible threestep guide to being a bona fide toper is yours now. Just write to me, Dr Supitup, at Have Another Mansions, in Bedfordshire. You wanted to see me, dress up games? Come in, dress up game. If it’s about ragging the Temperance Society No, no, no. It isn’t, though I have had complaints that your version of the war consists of nothing but wine, Magical Massage women and song. Well, there has been the odd visit to Madame Fifi’s. I’d keep quiet about that if I were you, dress up game. Madame Fifi’s is closed. Napoo Madame Fifi? Quelle damage. Sadly she had to leave her cosy club one dawn for an appointment with the firing squad. Madame dress up gamewas a spy? Apparently she was extracting information from excitable young officers and passing it straight to Berlin. My conscience is clear, Magical Massage dress up games. I can’t have given anything away about the war because I don’t know anything. Like all British officers on the front line, I’m kept completely in the dark. I am amazed that, after all this time, you can find anything funny. dress up game, I don’t know, dress up games. You would have to concede that it is somewhat comical that we have spent years fighting our way through Flanders only to end up right back where we started. Then I think you’ll find the news of your next deployment hilarious. I can hardly wait, dress up games. th division is being sent back to The Somme. And why not, dress up games? It was such a success last time, why not do it all again? That’s the spirit. War’s waking up. Seconds out of the ring. Last round coming up. Zero minus one. Right, lads. You all know the drill by now. What’s that you’re drinking, Barnes? Water, dress up games. Don’t you know the water is not for drinking? It’s for putting in the radiators of the staff cars. Magical Massage Don’t do anything risky, never mind the water. Try some dress up games. dress up games. Ready, men? Forward, the Foresters. Give the Fritzes hell! Stop. Men. Stop!

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