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Magic Potions

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  • Magic Potions

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    It is a house of sin. Yes, well, one with evidence of livestock on the premises, inadequately marked fire escapes, and a fairly sinister Dress Up Games looking jar of pickles on the bar. Hmm. Pickles? Unrefrigerated. I’d hate to have to shut you down. You want to shut down the railroad? Dress Up Games Yes. Dress Up Games No. Dress Up Games Yes. Dress Up Games Well, then you have a problem, because there ain’t no railroad without girls like mine doing the heavy lifting. Homer, help these morons find the door. Windigo getting away. What the hell is he talking about? Nothing. It’s an Indian thing. Man who has taste for human flesh. Butch Cavendish. That’s right. Well, why didn’t you just say so? Collins was in about a week ago with a lawman. Ranger like you, as a matter of fact. Said his name was, uh, Reid. Dan Reid? Had themselves a hell of an argument. What about? Something they found in the desert. Paid me with this. Do not touch rock! Rock cursed. Injun’s right. Worthless around here. But get it to San Francisco, they’d pay a thousand dollars cash. Maybe I’ll be on the first train west. Retire. Do you have cat? I did. I thought he’d be an improvement on the last man in my life, but maybe it’s me. Red, we got trouble. What are you doing? Comanche gesture of respect. Taste another man’s drink. Oh. Right. Dress Up Games Thank you. Dress Up Games I’m afraid we’re gonna have to bring our little visit to a close. Some of my clientele don’t take kindly to an Indian on the premises. He has as much right to be here as anyone else. Not since the Comanche violated the treaty. Dress Up Games Treaty? Dress Up Games You didn’t hear? They’ve been raiding settlements up and down the river. My God. Rebecca. Fear of cat. Better go out the back. How do I thank you? Just make that animal pay for what he took from me. Hey! Nature is Indeed out of balance. Come. Must to go. Must to go, drunken beast! ‘Tis judgment day, harlot! Oh. May I help you? Where are they?

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