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Magic Potions

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  • Magic Potions

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    I’m part of it all my years from seven, all my ambition is fulfilled in one moment when Lester Piggot came out and I’m in with him in the same. Dress Up Games the starter’s calling out the register of names and he says “Piggot draw eight, Walker draw ten” and you see him you’re there and Lester Piggot’s there you know what I mean all the money in the whole world couldn’t buy that proudest day of my life which, my ambition fulfilled to the highest level and I eventually finished last, tailed off obviously but Dress Up Games it didn’t make any difference to me just to be part of it and be with Lester Piggot you couldn’t buy it, that was the proudest day of my whole life Well going to Africa and try and teach people who are not civilised to be more or less good no I don’t want to be a missionary because I just can’t talk about it to people you know I am interested in it myself but I wouldn’t be very good at it at all Dress Up Games Chris Alardi? Dress Up Games Yes sir! Dress Up Games Momen Ali? Dress Up Games Yes sir! Dress Up Games Kysel Mir? Dress Up Games Yes sir Dress Up Games Oscar Ali? Dress Up Games Yes sir Dress Up Games Nazrul? Dress Up Games Yes sir Dress Up Games Sultan? Dress Up Games Yes sir Dress Up Games Abdul Qied? Dress Up Games Yes sir I was working in an insurance company at the time and I decided to go into teaching without any experience at all I didn’t think they would allow someone to walk of the street into a classroom six times three is eighteen shared by two is nine plus seven is sixteen so you put a sixteen there they were crying out for maths teachers they interviewed me, they phoned me up the next day and said would I like the job? I said yes, within five weeks I was in a classroom they took one look at me and thought it was christmas I think What’s the most enjoyable thing about teaching? Just being a part of a pupils advancement and learning and watching them understand more and being more confident them getting some enjoyment and satisfaction from mathematics

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