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Magic Potions Time

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  • Magic Potions Time

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    Magic Potions Time Description

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    This is a disgrace! Patti lives! And Patti will have justice! Do you have faith? Yes! Do you want justice? Yes! Are you willing to get up and walk? Yes! Get up! Hope wins! Peace wins! Goodness wins! Righteousness wins! Love wins! Love wins! Love wins! Police Sirens, everyday. People Dyin’, everyday. Mamas cryin’, everyday Fathers tryin’, everyday. Tryin’ get my head straight. Dis da city of Chi-Raq Where you could get ya bed made. I see death round da corner Boy I dodge him like I owe ’em. I don’t talk if I don’t know him Niggas plottin’ niggas On Me. Boy, I lost homies Some died, some crossed on me. I Love da niggas dats down for me. Hey, what up? Man, you got a lot of stuff out here on this table. You got everything going, don’t you. It’s too much, man. Yeah, trying to keep my mind off that bullshit. Man, I don’t want you ed up like me, man. around be in a chair. Can’t move your legs. Gotta wear mothering undergarment. Like shitting and pissing on yourself. Nothing. Got to put these damn braces on. These motherers. Everyday, these reminders. Of what? Do I want to throw the ass up? All right, we gotta wake up, man. Look at me, man. ing tired of this shit. I gave my whole life for this shit and I got nothing in return. This Trojan war and shit, we gotta slow this shit down. My son got shot, he in a wheelchair now. Quadriplegic. Cat just stood over ’em, kept dumpin’ times, for what? This ain’t livin’. This ain’t life. We gotta do somethin’ different, bro. You gotta do somethin’ different, wake up every day to get high. Cry, go to funerals. Ain’t you tired of this shit, man? Don’t you want to do something different? Please pray for my city Too much hate in my city. Too many heartaches in my city But I got faith in my city. Dis Chi-Raq and I love dat You can’t take it away from my city. Some can’t relate to my city Dey die everyday in my city ‘s get clapped dis story a fact. Niggas can’t shoot So babies get whacked. Dats how it is in Chi-Raq and y’all Mad ’cause I don’t call it Chicago. But I don’t live in no ing Chicago.

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