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Magic Friends Dress up Adventure

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  • Magic Friends Dress up Adventure

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    Magic Friends Dress up Adventure Description

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    me that much. Lord Ha said Games Yes? How we could investigate the dead and who we could blame? But can you tell me Games who would get rid of the dog’s bowl when the dog dies? Of course the owner should Games Do you really think it would be that simple to get it done by killing a fierce dog using some mutts, my lord? lf they killed that girl then do you think you can sit there and have the drink with me now? lt’s quite amusing that your lordship’s security is at stake upon this mad girl’s life. You know inscrutable are the ways of Heaven. This incident would make things easier for us. You know who Kim Min-jae’s mother was? She was a Jurchen geisha. A man naturally longs for his mother’s love. Sir, there seems to be a rat poking its nose. l know. Your highness surely takes after his majesty, a god of archery! l think it’s the time for peony to bloom. Lady, the message arrived saying the silk peddler came at a linen shop. Wait here. Yes, ma’am. Are you there? Anyone here? What brought you here? We should finish the talk we couldn’t finish last time. Do you mean a talk like this? Yes. Now we are talking. You know you’re beheaded if you commit the moral sin. Of course. The one who committed and the counter-part, both get beheaded. That’s why we should tune together so that we can live together. There’s no way out for you like before. No one would come in. Forget the peddler. lt’s the false message l made up to bring you out. Peddler? What peddler? Did you really believe that? What the heck Games l just made it up to entertain the poor princess. We need an excuse to have fun, don’t you think? Yes, you’re right. Absolutely right. But before you take what you want you need to give me something in return. l will give you Games whatever you say. Give me this as a token of your affection. But that is Games given by his majesty, the King. lt’s the token to show that we risk our lives. lt has to be as precious as this. Right Games Whatever you say. Oh, my Games What are you doing? l’m sorry, sir. lt is my fault Games

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