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Lovely Fashion 2014

Lovely Fashion 2014


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Lovely Fashion 2014 through our hands our love can touch him. Amen. I’m glad his suffering has ended. Hear, hear, Ray. Yes. And what his hands can’t do, we will do. Yeah. Mmhmm. We start with the feet that danced so much. Oh, beautiful. His fingers have made so many sounds, didn’t they? Yes, they did, they did. This is good. Yes, it is good. One. Two, three. Up! There we go. Light as a feather. Come on, brother, we gotcha. Good. Perfect. Too damn soon, Clark. And so we come in grief and rejoicing in Your gift for a time of Your son and our brother, Clark. Hey, baby. He seemed more at peace than I’ve ever seen him. But I don’t know how at peace, but he was more at peace than ever, and he knew it was the end, he knew! Because when they put him on the intubator he said, “This is the end.” He said, “I won’t speak to you again.” The windows are open, but we have to keep it cold, um, ’cause the colder we keep it, the better for the body. So, we’re like sitting shiva, and we’re really shivaing. Crown the day, crown the day Glory, glory Then will crown the day If anyone wants to write a note to Clark and put it next to him, there’s paper behind you there and pencils. It doesn’t have to be a nice note. But it probably would be. Well, we had a very good day, very good day. You’re doing so good, Jane. Thank you. I’m always here for you, always. I know. You look so beautiful, honey. Y’all help yourself to greenery or flowers. It was Clark’s wish that everyone place a piece of greenery into his grave with him. Do you have Kelly’s phone number? ‘Cause we need to start. And if she’s coming, I don’t wanna leave her here. Good to see you. There’s a basket of greenery if you’d like to take a piece of greenery to toss into the grave. Which was Clark’s wish. Okay! We gather here today because of the many different connections that we had to Clark Wang. Clark felt very connected to the Earth. And today, we are here to honor that. “I want my final legacy to be an environmental gift to all beings and all creatures that follow me, not a hazard to the Earth.

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