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Love Mr.Right

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    Love Mr.Right, Love Mr.Right Games, Play Love Mr.Right Games This is the area that the anti Games globalists will try to attack. This is the Carlini stadium, guys. Most people will go there, even though it’s dangerous. I think we’ll be safer in a camping site in the suburbs. What? That’s where the debates take place, we have to know what’s going on. So let’s go there and get a beating. What can happen? We’ll start a demonstration there with the resistors. We’ll go towards the red zone and use plastic shields as protection. If they attack you with armor they won’t do a lot. I don’t see why I have to clean the loos. If you clean that mess, you can do anything. Games That’s supposed to make me happy? Games I’ll help you. How gross! Games Can I stay with you tonight? Games What? Games I don’t want to sleep here. Games What about Luca? Games What about him? Games I don’t know if he’ll be pleased. Games There’s nothing wrong with it. Games No, there’s nothing wrong with it. So can I stay or not? Think about it. Go outside and unload the beers, instead of doing nothing. Games You do it. Games I haven’t stopped all day. Games Get the stone heads to help. Games You tell them. Games Get the stuff for Genoa! Games Who’ll bring the barrels? Isn’t anyone inside? Come on, sleepy heads! Bring the barrels in. Now not next week. Games Is something wrong? Games No, why? I don’t know Game you look tense. Are you worried about Genoa? Worried? I can’t wait to get there. Neither can I. I’m very happy to be here with you. I’m happy you’re here, too. Wait a minute. Games Can I speak to you? Games What about? In private, though. Okay, relax. She’s coming. You talk about Lagrange’s theory, so she’ll fall asleep right away and goodnight, see you tomorrow. Games Luca! Games Are you waiting for someone? Games Are you sure? Games Of course. Games I want to speak to you. Games Go ahead. Games You know the film Jules and Jim? Games No. There are two friends who care about each other. Jules is with a strange girl, like Viola, and loves her a lot. He loves her and his friend so much that he makes them get together.

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