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Love Mr.Right Adventure

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  • Love Mr.Right Adventure

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    Now it’s lights out. kiss Good night, sweetie. How’s it going in there? It’s going. Want some help? Nope, just company. You know, this might be the finest marinara sauce in history. By the most modest chef. If that husband of yours doesn’t get here soon, we’re eating without him. Well, he did say he was delayed. Wow, these are great. Ann sent her folks pictures of everything. I think they’ve got albums upon albums. All right, you know what? Timmy’s out of luck. This pasta’s hitting water. I’m starving. I’m going to go check on Logan. Okay. dialing beeps This is Kate Powell. Is Tim still there? Yes, he is, Mrs. Powell. They’re still in a meeting. I need to speak to him, please. I’ve been told not to interrupt. This is very important. I need to speak to him right now. I’ll try Mrs. Powell. Mike Hey, you have got to taste this. Is he on his way? No, not yet. Oh, hi, Tim. Dammit, Kate. This had better be good. We’re having a great time. What the hell are you talking about? Good, good, good. We’ll wait for you. Don’t play around, Kate. I’ve got to get back. Absolutely. Hurry up, okay? Is something wrong? Absolutely. Yeah, hurry up. Okay, bye. Huh? Delicioso, si? Kate? Why did you put this under my bed? That’s a good question. Kate? I was just… I think… she just didn’t know where it was supposed to go. But thank you for bringing it out to us. Now you go to bed. kiss Good night. kiss Mike Unbelievable. You know, I even remembered to change the tape in the security camera at the garage at work. There’s always one thing you miss. Just one tiny detail you overlook. I forgot these even existed. Mike… Kate, Kate, Kate… It’s okay. I’m not going to hurt you. I have a proposition for you. I think it will work out for both of us. I met somebody. And, uh… I like her a lot. Well, the point here for you is that, uh… is I’m going to be traveling a lot. And my new friend’s got no interest in kids. What are you talking about? Is that for all intents and purposes, they be yours. I don’t understand.

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